Don't Google It


Series 4: Contested Visibilities

What's in the Box?

Jo Bannon

Face & Race

Camille Crichlow

My Life and Yours, Birth, Beer and Sex

Cora Sehgal Cuthbert

What Does Google Know?

Sorrel Madley

Series 3: On Belonging

Trans-Racial Adoption

Michele Theil

The Bridge

Ngaio Anyia

Mother Tongue

Sam Steele

Series 2: Toolkits

My Baby Doesn't Eat/Sleep/Like Me

Heather Bandenburg

What Does Power Look Like? Part 2: Gestures

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

Series 1: Institutions



Trailer made by Claire Nolan



Lara Haworth

A Monster Outside of Human Laws


What Does Power Look Like? Part 1: Metaphors

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

FAQ: Immigrants & Media [A Conversation]

Bhavani Esapathi & Dr Martin Mangler

What Does Google Know?

Sorrel Madley

Google enables us to ask any question, any time. What happens when you try to use to google to understand yourself? ‘What Does Google Know’ visualises the results of googling a birth defect, revealing uncomfortable and confusing results. Traversing the pages of google the film reveals a distinct hierarchy of whose voices dominate internet discussion. What truth lies in these internet results remains unclear. The never ending information giving an addictive illusion that the answer you seek is just on the next page.

Sorrel Madley's interdisciplinary practice is conceptually focused and continually experimental, specialised in ceramic design and digital media. She transforms her personal fascinations and experiences into work which is relatable and engaging. She previously studied at Design Academy Eindhoven and now runs a studio based in London where she realises both physical and digital projects.

Instagram @sorrel.m